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Three Queries provides an opportunity to write a guest post on project management. Your name will be published along with your blog post.

Terms and Conditions for Guest Posting

1) It is applicable to following categories:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Power Apps for SharePoint
  • Power Automate for SharePoint
  • ASP.Net / MVC / ASP.Net Core
  • Angular / ReactJS
  • Computer or Internet Tips & Tricks
  • Project Management
  • Project Management Certifications
  • Project Management Methodologies (Waterfall / Agile / Lean)
  • Scrum

2) There must be minimum 500 – 1500 words per post.

3) Most important, It should be unique and should not be copied from internet.

4) You can provide links to your social accounts Facebook and Twitter.

5) Your name will be published on our website along with your blog post.

Policies Policies

1) Only relevant links that provide value to the reader or for referencing purposes are allowed.

2) Do not add your product links.

3) We do not allow affiliate links.

4) Three Queries reserves the right to edit any posts we receive, including modifying or removing any links that we deem not to fit within our linking policy.

5) If we decide to publish your blog post, you will be informed as quickly as possible.


You have to simply send your article to post@3queries.com in Microsoft word format in compressed Zip file format. It should also include following sections at bottom of blog post:

1) Title

2) Description

3) Keywords

4) Body

5) Author’s name and short description.


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