Why You Should Start Blogging?




Have you ever wondered why so many branded personalities run blog? They are already producing their products or services still they start blogging. Although their products or services are running successfully, why are they wasting time in blogging?



Do you know, their readers thirstily wait for upcoming blogs? Such writers connect to readers using their blogs. Do you not think, it helps to maintain personal brand and trust, which ultimately increases demand of their products or services? There are many example from various industries, who are running their blogs apart from their products or services.

Oh, you’ve still decided to start blogging. No problem, I’ll tell you the benefits of blogging and how, it will change your thought as well as overall personality because of just writing blogs.


Benefits of Blogging


I started blogging to keep my learning at myself over internet. I used to write and referred it later whenever needed. As a result, it became a collection of many blogs. But one day, I found that I am not only reading my blogs. It was being read by many readers all around the world. Therefore, I changed my approach and started writing for my readers. I’ll share my story in future posts.



As of now, let’s continue on benefits of blogging.


Blog teaches to handle Criticism


First of all you should accept there are always few people, who will find something negative about you. It doesn’t matter how perfect you are.




You may find their comments or emails. As a good communicator, you should reply in a way to convince them. This is a best step to learn handling criticism or queries.

Blog is a best platform to experiment your style of handling and learning, which one should works for which situation.



You can ask to your followers for feedback. This will help you to start communication and sometimes, you will get idea for next blog post.


Blog makes you a good writer


Have you ever thought that you’ve stopped writing. Remember your college days, when you used to write a whole essay for showing your knowledge to examiner.

It is always a good idea to keep it continue but in different way. Now you are not a student, writing for examiner only. I’ll discuss about how to write effective blog in my future posts.




As soon as you increase your number of blog post and you’ll find your writing skill is improving. This is because you are not only writing but also reading, learning, preparing and thereafter discussing with readers.

Isn’t it so, interesting!


Blog makes you a good learner


Now you know if you want to write something, you should’ve knowledge. Yes, it is true. You already have knowledge that’s why you have selected this niche for you blog.

But remember, there are always some changes in your niche around the world. You should keep your self updated as per readers need.



Apart from this you are also learning from your experience to make your current blog better than your last published blog.


Blog helps you to make a personal brand


With a regular blogging practice, your blog become almost successful. Readers are following you and are discussing in various ways. They now have a trust on you.




They remember your brand name or your name, whenever they think about the topic, which belongs to your niche. They think that you a specialist in this field. They will believe on you and will feel no risk by buying anything from you.



Wow! Ultimately, you’ve build your personal band. This is what, every blogger want. Right!


Blogs gives you income


In addition to other benefits, blogs give you income. Once your blog becomes successful and you have become an influencer, you can connect with the brands from your industry to show advertisements on your blog.





This will not only helps to your readers but also helps you monetary.  I’ll discuss about how to generate income from your blog in future posts.


Thank you for reading…


I will come up with additional posts for your help. In case, if you have questions feel free to ask via comments.



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