How to Create a Result Source for a BCS Entity in SharePoint Search

I was working at a client that was configuring Business Connectivity Services to bring data from an ERP into SharePoint. Of course, the main benefit of bringing it to SharePoint was being able to Search information using the powerful SharePoint 2016 Search Engine. Let’s understand BCS Entity in SharePoint Search. As…

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“Access Denied” to Access Requests list or “Request approval failed” in SharePoint Online

Oh, what happened with Access requests! Sometimes, when you click on “Access requests and invitations” link in SharePoint on Site Settings page, Access Denied appears. Most Read: How to Integrate gulp tasks with SharePoint Framework (SPFx)     Have you ever realized? You’ve full control access on site but still…

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How to Integrating Windows Live ID, Google and Facebook Accounts with SharePoint (On Premises)

Federated authentication mechanism handles authentication by external providers which send the token back to SharePoint. So, Instead of we, creating accounts internally (in AD, SQL Server) for external users and partners, We can make use of external authentication providers like Microsoft Live ID Accounts, Google, Yahoo, Facebook accounts (or even…

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