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Artificial Intelligence is a field of Computer Science where we see computers to be working as human being. Time is running very fast and we have to adopt these changes in our life as well.

Machine Learning, we have been hearing about this term around us a lot since few days. Top Computer and Internet based companies have already started working upon it. Machine Learning is a component of Artificial Intelligence.

It has an ability of smart human being who can predict future. Amazing, Wow!

But how?

Machine learning uses statistical, computational, and theoretical principles to develop algorithms that model data from real-world data and make accurate predictions about the phenomena. Machine learning operates in supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised and reinforcement settings to perform classification, regression, visualization, clustering, dimensionality reduction, network modelling, graphical modelling, inference and structured prediction.

In easy way, we can consider example of crop insurance premium calculation or weather forecasting.


Let’s understand types of Machine Learning:

  • Supervised learning: In this type of Machine Learning, the computer is provided with inputs and their desired outputs and the goal is to learn a rule that maps inputs to outputs.
  • Unsupervised learning: In this type, there is no fixed set of inputs. Computer will find structure in its input by own. Even the output is also decided by computer. Its result can be used for further course of action.
  • Reinforcement learning: In this case, a computer interacts with a dynamic environment in which it must perform a certain goal. The program is provided feedback which helps computer to predict.


Machine Learning has a relation with Statistics. Because, it also needs previous data (in any understandable case or format) which is used by program to predict future.

This prediction can be used in various ways. Few examples are listed below:

  • Evaluate insurance premium
  • Weather forecasting
  • Self-evolution of machines and many more.

Top companies and Universities have already started and produced various products based on Machine Learning ultimately Artificial Intelligence. There can be a vast database of images designed to accelerate the development of AI that can work well by helping to drive the creation of deep learning systems which can recognize objects, animals, people, and even entire scenes in photos.

A team inside Google’s cloud computing operation, building online services that any coder or company can use to build their own AI. This new Cloud Machine Learning Group is the latest example of AI not only re-shaping the technology that Google uses, but also changing how the company organizes and operates its business. Google is not alone in this rapid re-orientation. Amazon is building a similar group cloud computing group for AI. Facebook and Twitter have created internal groups akin to Google Brain, the team responsible for infusing the search giant’s own tech with AI.

The company is challenging rivals like Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM in building cloud computing services specifically designed for artificial intelligence work. This includes services not just for image recognition, but speech recognition, machine-driven translation, natural language understanding, and more.


Has Artificial Intelligence war began?


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