How to earn cashback on shopping







At Three Queries, we offer cashback on online shopping performed on Amazon. You need to follow below mentioned steps:

  • Visit Cashback Offers on Amazon page.
  • You will see various categories, where you can get cashback on your shopping, you make on Amazon. Click on the button below your interested category.
  • You will be taken to retailer’s site. Coupon is already applied at back end.
  • Complete your shopping like you always do on this retailer’s site. You can add any numbers of items in your shopping cart.
  • Three Queries will automatically track your purchase & Cashback.



  • Login to Amazon and go to your order’s history on Laptop/Desktop computer.
  • Click View Order Details next to the order you made using Three Queries reference.
  • Now click on Invoice link and download Invoice as PDF.
  • Send this invoice to  with email subject as “Order under cashback offer” and Email body should also mention your mobile number (registered with Paytm).



  • Invoice should be sent from email address registered with Amazon.
  • Your provided mobile number must be registered with Paytm and Amazon account.
  • Cashback will be provided in your Paytm wallet.
  • Minimum order value considered for Cashback is the amount you pay after discount, coupon codes and Store credits.
  • To ensure your Rewards track, do not visit any other coupon or price comparison site after clicking out from Three Queries.
  • For all Cashback queries, please email These queries will not be entertained by the Retailer.
  • If you have Adblock installed on your laptop/computer, your Cashback may go missing.
  • Any fraudulent activity would lead to cancellation of Cashback and your Three Queries registration will be blocked.
  • No CashKaro Rewards are paid if you return or cancel your order.
  • To minimize risk of failed rewards, we recommend you to complete your sale in the same session after clicking out to the Amazon website from Three Queries.
  • Your cashback will be confirmed within 90 Days from Transaction Date.






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