What is AngularJS Expressions




Using Expressions, AngularJS binds data to HTML at the location wherever expression is mentioned on web page. It can be written inside double braces {{expression}}. It can also be written in different way like ng-bind=”expression”. ng-bind maps innerHTML to the value of expression.

Let’s take an example of a HTML paragraph with expression which are equivalent:

{{ 5+5 }}


As already mentioned, AngularJS resolves expression and return the result exactly where expression is written. They can contain literals, operators and variables.

Example # 1


Sum of 10 and 20 is 30

Mentioning ng-app is important otherwise expression will not be calculated and output will be printed as

Sum of 10 and 20 is {{ 10 + 20 }}

Example # 2


Dear Satyendra Mishra,

Mature amount of your deposit amount 100 on simple rate of interest 8% for 2 years will be 16.

AngularJS Objects

Example # 3

You can also create objects called as AngularJS Objects


Dear Satyendra Mishra,

Mature amount of your deposit amount 100 on simple rate of interest 8% for 2 years will be 16.

AngularJS Arrays

Example # 4

AngularJS Arrays are initializes using ng-init in the format provided in below example. There is also a magic on select control, if you change selected item last statement of this example changes.


Additional Notes

  • AngularJS expressions do not support conditionals, loops, and exceptions, while JavaScript expressions do.
  • AngularJS expressions support filters, while JavaScript expressions do not.


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