How to Write a best resume in Word with help from LinkedIn in Resume Assistant

Your resume is your image on the document which shows your shine to the hiring managers, who recognize you as a person, they’re looking for. But the problem is showing your skills and expertise in the correct way.
Write a best resume in Word with help from LinkedIn in Resume Assistant.

You know, workplace is changing. Work culture is changing and therefore your representation should also change. Around 70 percent people find difficulty to depict their experience effectively.

Microsoft has introduced a helper for you which is named as Resume Assistant. This is provided for Office 365 subscribers who have joined the Office Insider program. Resume Assistant is available in Word which helps you to create you showcase and describes your work experience & skills. It uses linkedIn public profiles for reference and build a perfect resume for you. This is because, job applications on LinkedIn have increased 40 percent year-over-year, signaling increased competition for jobs. If you have a LinkedIn account, the information you share in your public profile is available to be shown in Resume Assistant, but you can opt out in your privacy settings. LinkedIn will help Microsoft in following contexts:

1. Leverage relevant examples
2. Identify top skills
3. Customize a resume based on real job postings
4. Get professional help
5. Let recruiters know you’re open

You can open Resume Assistant by going to Review > Resume Assistant (The first time you do this, click Get started in the pane).

If you’re an Office Insider and you don’t see Resume Assistant, it’s likely the roll-out has not reached you yet, as we are staging it gradually, and only within the “Fast” level of Insiders for now.

Resume Assistant is available only when you’re editing a document, so the ribbon button will appear dimmed when you’ve opened a document you don’t have permission to edit, and any time you open a document as read-only.

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