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Must Read: What is SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

SharePoint Framework was first released for client side web parts. This was just the starting of this journey. It has a great future and will start to provide addition features which are listed below. Lets discuss about future of SharePoint Framework and its support:



On-Premises support

SharePoint Framework has already started support for On-Premises SharePoint applications which is similar to the features in SharePoint Online. It is targeting all SharePoint versions.

Client side web parts and add-ins

It helps to build more modern and complex scenarios. It also supports for building Add-ins for SharePoint with SharePoint Framework.



JavaScript embedding support

It replaces custom actions and JSLinks with SharePoint Framework-based extensions, use site collection App Catalog and work with NoScript via tenant app catalog.

Full page Apps

SharePoint Framework apps are rendered in full page mode rather than as in client side web parts. It works at list, page and mobile level customization.



Known Issues

Dev certificate issue with Chrome (v58-)

In case of using Google Chrome as development browser, there may be challenges while certificate validation. It is because Chrome has changed its algorithm to validate certificates starting from its version 58.

You may see error “Your connection in not private”.

You should update your Yeoman template package. That’s why, you need to delete @microsoft/gulp-core-build-serve folder and run npm install to get the updated package. Therefore, you need to execute untrust-dev-cert and trust-dev-cert commands in your machine to address the certification creation logic issue.

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What’s Next

We will see mandatory tools and libraries for SharePoint Framework (SPFx) in next article.

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