How to Set up Office 365 tenant

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In this article, I’ll describe you the steps required to set up Office tenant for SharePoint Framework (SPFx) client side development for SharePoint Online. Required steps are provided below:



  1. Sign up for Office 365 tenant site.
  1. Create app Catalog site by launching SharePoint Admin site and click apps left item in left navigation.




Now click App Catalog on the page to create new App Catalog.




Select option Create a new app catalog site and click OK.





Fill up the required details as below like Title, Web Site address, Language, Time Zone, Administrator and  click OK.




             You will see below screen where a new site collection is being created.




  1. Create new developer site collection by selecting Private Site Collection option in Site Collection ribbon.



Provide requited details to create new site collection. However you can any select any site template as it is not mandatory and it will not provide any benefit of using Developer Site template for SharePoint Framework client side development. But, I am selecting Developer Site template.





You will see your new site collection is being created.



  1. SharePoint Workbench provides a testing page where we test client side web part without deploying it. This workbench page is already provided by SharePoint to test client side web part without deployment. Refer below screen shot to see, how does it look like?




What’s next?

You have configured SharePoint tenant. Now you have to set up your development environment. I will cover it my next article.

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