How to Change Your Password via Remote Desktop

Change password via remote desktop becomes challenging, if you are not aware of handling it. Sometimes, you take the remote of desktop available in different domain. In that case, if you want to change your password of remote user, definitely you need to take RDP session of remote desktop. Then, you’ll try to change password.

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But what is happening? When you click CTRL+ALT+DELETE, your own desktop offers you to change password.

How to tackle this situation? Let’s start step by step



Take RDP session of your remote desktop available on different domain

  1. Click on START and RUN
  2. Provide command mstsc and press Enter
  3. A Remote Desktop Connection window (refer image below) will open. Now, provide name of remote desktop machine or its IP address. Click Connect button.take-remote-desktop
  4. Provide your remote domain user credentials and press Enter key.
  5. It will start connecting and very soon, you will see your remote desktop.


  1. It will start connecting and very soon, you will see your remote desktop.


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Change password inside Remote Desktop

  1. Inside remote desktop, click START and then RUN.
  2. Provide command osk and click OK. It will launch On-Screen keyboard.change-password-remote-desktop4
  3. Now, press CTRT and ALT on your physical keyboard. You will see these keys are greyed out in on-screen keyboard


  1. Keep these keys pressed and now using mouse, click on Del key on on-screen keyboard.
  2. Great, you’ve not reached to change password option inside remote desktop.change-password-remote-desktop7
  3. Minimize on-screen keyboard.change-password-remote-desktop8
  1. Change your password now.


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