Short Story – Change yourself before changing the world

Short Story, Once there was a saint. He was very popular for his spirituality and kindness. People around the world used to come and used to receive consultation.

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One day, a mother along with her kid came with a problem. She was seeking help and guidance for her son. She said, her son is fond of sweets and even he always asks for taking sweets instead of vegetables during meals. Eating sweets at such level is not good for health. Please guide him or give me some suggestion to make him understand as he doesn’t obey me for this.

Saint requested her to come back after one week. She got surprised by this reply but she left.



After one week, she came back and asked the problem again. This time, Saint helped. He guided and suggested advantages and disadvantages, even also provided natural alternates by eating fruits or sweet vegetables as salad. Son agreed this time.

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Mother had one question and wanted to ask. Saint understood and said her to ask.

Mother asked, why did he not help one week ago?

Saint smiled and said, Because I was also fond of sweets at that time!

“Change yourself before changing the world”






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