New SharePoint CSOM Version Released for SharePoint Online – May 2017

Microsoft has announced New SharePoint CSOM version which is released for SharePoint Online. It is targeting to Office 365 or we can say mainly SharePoint and Project Online. This update contains new methods and properties over existing SharePoint CSOM assemblies and some maintenance changes.

It can be searched using ‘Microsoft.SharePointOnline.CSOM’ in NuGet Gallery. It is important to keep in consideration that it is not for SharePoint On-Premises.

Version of new CSOM package is 16.1.6518.1200 however actual assembly version of the released assemblies is

SharePoint Online Management Shell will also be updated to incorporate these changes. MSDN reference API documentation update is also in progress. SharePoint Online SDK update is in progress as well.

But Microsoft is recommending using NuGet packages than SharePoint Online SDK for development.

New properties and methods cross assemblies are provided below:


Following properties, classes and methods have been added.

  • public enum Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.CustomerKeyVaultKeyType
  • public enum value Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.EventReceiverType.SiteMovingFromGeoLocation
  • public property Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Field.DefaultFormula
  • public property Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FieldCalculated.DisplayFormat
  • public property Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FieldNumber.DisplayFormat
  • public property Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FieldNumber.ShowAsPercentage
  • public method Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.List.ValidateAppName
  • public property Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ListItem.CommentsDisabled
  • public property Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ListItem.CommentsDisabledScope
  • public method Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ListItem.SetCommentsDisabled
  • public property Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.RenderListDataOverrideParameters.ViewPath
  • public property Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Site.ComplianceAttribute
  • public method Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Site.RollTenantBringYourOwnKey
  • public enum value Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.SpecialFolderType.ScreenShots
  • public enum Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.SPVirusCheckStatus
  • public property Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Web.CommentsOnSitePagesDisabled
  • public property Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.WebInformation.LastItemUserModifiedDate
  • public property Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.View.PageRenderType


Following properties, classes and methods have been added.

  • public property Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.TenantAdministration.SiteProperties.RestrictedToRegion
  • public property Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.TenantAdministration.Tenant.CommentsOnSitePagesDisabled
  • public property Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.TenantManagement.Office365Tenant.CommentsOnSitePagesDisabled


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